Managing Time in 15-minute Chunks

I watched one of Ryan Serhant’s recent vlogs on time management recently. He started the video with a powerful message:

You have 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, which means you have 1,440 minutes to spend in a day.

He then counted and let the video lapse for five long seconds. Yup, it felt like forever! Five seconds can feel very long in some circumstances!

We are all “rich in time,” is what he said. I think it actually depends, but it is a good way to frame your day. Everyday, every morning, you wake up and start your day with new time! Better yet, everyone gets the same amount of time. You choose how you would spend your time, everyday.  Sometimes we choose how our time is spent; sometimes we go about the day spending time blindly. Wouldn’t you say?

In the vlog, he was focusing on gaining a few minutes here after losing a few minutes there. However, I find that it is very effective to plan or track my time in 15-minute chunks. Minute-by-minute planning can bog you down; while hour-by-hour planning can be less efficient, leaving a lot of room for tightening up! Several years ago, I started using my “gap time,” which refers to the seemingly lost or idle time between tasks or appointments, and was blown away by how much more I could achieve when I fully utilize such gaps. And now, I tackle the mountain of tasks by using a timer to chip away 15 minutes at a time. Boo ya!


  1. I like this post! Sometimes it feels like time is harder to manage (or budget) than money. But I found this article that has helped me to have a different appreciation for why we should manage our time. May I share some points from the article with you?


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