No More Excuses. Keep Learning!

Most of us are connected to the internet 24/7. And because of that, there are no more excuses. We can and should learn–and keep learning–and keep acquiring valuable skills, both to be better ourselves at our current job and prepare for the future.

In the beginning of my tech transfer career, I was a sponge; I soaked up as much information about patents and tech transfer as I possibly could. When I wasn’t able to attend events, lectures or conferences, I would consume so much online materials provided by AUTM and NCET2, especially everything I could get access to without additional fees. (Free is the best!)

Unknowingly, this constant learning has helped lay my foundation and gave me a comprehensive understanding of this wide-ranging industry. Without a doubt, having such solid foundation and the exposure to diverse topics has allowed me to adapt to the many changes in my career years later.

As I became more experienced in tech transfer, the constant seeking of new information, new webinars or new articles has gradually been replaced by deadlines, new projects or just simply busy-ness. But recently, when I recommended some free courses to a mentee, I myself was reminded of how hungry I was, always yearning for more information and hence always learning, in the beginning of my tech transfer career.

There is so, so much more that I can and should learn to be better at my job now and be ready for what is to come. There are no longer any valid excuses to stop learning or wait to learn. Instead of watching cat videos on YouTube, I could take an online course; instead of scrolling through Instagram posts, I will watch a webinar!

If you are looking for online resources to keep learning and keep improving as well, these are a few courses that I recommend:

  • Brad Feld’s Venture Deals
    This is an excellent course. The best thing about this course is the opportunity to work in teams with peers from all over the world. Brad Feld also has a book called “Venture Deals” that may supplement the course. The book is available at some public libraries in both hard copies and electronic copies.
  • AUTM webinars
    For tech transfer materials, look no further. Go to AUTM’s website right now!
  • Labroots
    This is a treasure trove for the scientifically curious. In addition to the many webinars presented by scientists and experts from all over the world, Labroots also hosts many diverse virtual events or conferences, with opportunities to meet other attendees virtually.
  • BrightTALK
    So. Many. Topics. There is so much content on BrightTALK. The key would be to prioritizing the key topics that would boost your career.
  • or LinkedIn Learning
    If you have subscription to, which has been rebranded to LinkedIn Learning, this is another treasure trove. Many employers provide memberships to their employees. Take advantage of it!
  • Udemy and other massive online open courses (MOOCs)
    So. Many. Online courses. Start exploring! Besides Udemy, also check out edX, coursera and Khan Academy.

Now, go!

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