Choose Your Response

We do not have the luxury to tackle one crisis at a time; I wish we did. Intentional, strong, urgent responses are required–today.

And no, there is no time to point fingers. Put your fingers down. Let’s hold hands and make peace. Let’s work together. Working together is how we can tackle big problems.

Take a look at our skillsets and choose something we can do to respond. Make a difference in the best possible way, within our abilities. Don’t choose violence though. But if you chose violence, I urge you to rethink; you are the master of your own journey ultimately.

Covid-19, financial crises, fake news, social inequality, racial inequity and the rest of the items in the long list are world issues. These issues involve the entire humankind. It feels painful because we are put in the position to confront them–and confront them now. It feels raw. It feels unsurmountable, probably. It is a long time coming. However, no matter how brutal it is, keep making efforts. Keep doing something about it. Find the root cause and quell it. Make goodness prevail.

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