On Disruptive Ideas–Don’t be Misguided

On the August 25, 2020 episode of Charles Duhigg’s How To! podcast, Guy Raz said that a disruptive idea is (I assume he means “almost” and not “absolutely”) going to be rejected by most people, quoting the Airbnb founder’s experience.

As a listener and an aspiring entrepreneur, I believe that he is only partially correct. By nature, every “unicorn” or every disruptive idea is different, and arises from a different set of conditions. It may have its fair share of drama and setbacks; but it may or may not be rejected by others in its early days.

I just think that Guy’s advice on this podcast needs to be taken into consideration–in context–and not to be applied broadly to every business idea. Perhaps due to its disruptive nature, there is a higher chance that a new idea may go against conventional thinking. However, my fellow entrepreneurs, sometimes–in fact most of the time–feedback from your customers or potential investors is imperative to your venture. The key is knowing when to ask for feedback, which to implement, and what you should do with the feedback received.

All the best, everyone!

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