Open Mind 🧠 Opens Doors

I was frustrated. Frustrated by the situation that I found myself in. I had a plume of smoke above my head. But then, I took a moment, and thought I should probably keep an open mind. Then I thought: Everyone would agree that an open mind is almost always, and for sure, better than a closed mind. Ain’t that right? So I took another look. To my utter surprise, my mind was only half open; I had assumed an image of a very open-minded self that was becoming untrue. While I was busy with my frustration, I have tuned the conversation out, and was closing my mind as the frustration built. So I pried my mind open. I pried. And I pried. And then, wow. A door revealed itself, unexpectedly. And the door opened.

Okay, in plain language: I was in a very frustrating conversation with someone who seemed to be putting up a fight with me. I was pissed! Yes! Then, my inner dialogue goes: I am an open-minded person who can allow this person to have a different opinion. Am I not? Turns out, my mind was only half open, and it was closing as my frustration builds. Then, I decided that I want to keep an open mind and keep it open. I pried it open. I pried. And I pried. When I was truly open-minded finally, I saw another angle to the conversation, and turned it into something really useful.

What a lesson. Going forward, especially when I find myself up against a wall, I am going to step back and look around. Let that anger dissipate. Let that hurricane pass. Look past that cloud and open my mind. If–and truly if–there is a door, I know and trust that I will find it. I will!

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