Breaking Down the Omicron – the New COVID-19 Variant

First of all, let’s address the Greek letter, “Omicron.” Turns out, the Greek alphabet has two “o” letters, namely Omega (Ω, ω), which we are generally familiar with, as well as Omicron. 😲 Whaz dat? And why so many?

Let’s break it down. “Micron” means small. Clever. Omicron or Omikron letters are O and o; Omega letters are Ω and ω. I consider all of them versions of the “o” that we know of today. Omega was supposedly pronounced a little longer than Omicron, like “ooooo,” since “mega” means big. Omicron was perhaps pronounced like “o!” with staccato. 🤓 I know, right???

Back to the more pressing issue here — this new COVID-19 strain. The B.1.1.529 strain, now called Omicron. We have been expecting you, oh dear Omicron.

Guys! Every new infection is a new chance for the COVID-19 virus to mutate into something different. We welcome the weaker “difference” but ya can’t stop the monsters from popping out of these mutations. We are essentially walking incubators and yes–incubating these baby viruses. Try to continue to stay away from crowds–or keep a distance from anyone outside of your “pod”, including your neighbors. Hah! Just wave to your neighbors! Wave and yell loudly under your mask! Ya don’t need to get up close and personal.

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On Negotiation: What One Wants

Whether you are negotiating salary or getting your kids to clean their rooms, whatever negotiation you are engaged in, I’m almost sure you know what you want–what you really, really, REALLY want.

But wait. What does the other side want?

Knowing what the other side wants is often the key to unlock a deal. Get unlocking.

Open Mind 🧠 Opens Doors

I was frustrated. Frustrated by the situation that I found myself in. I had a plume of smoke above my head. But then, I took a moment, and thought I should probably keep an open mind. Then I thought: Everyone would agree that an open mind is almost always, and for sure, better than a closed mind. Ain’t that right? So I took another look. To my utter surprise, my mind was only half open; I had assumed an image of a very open-minded self that was becoming untrue. While I was busy with my frustration, I have tuned the conversation out, and was closing my mind as the frustration built. So I pried my mind open. I pried. And I pried. And then, wow. A door revealed itself, unexpectedly. And the door opened.

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Experience Every Moment in Life Fully, Here and Now

Professor Massimo Pigliucci of CUNY-City College hosts a podcast called Stoic Meditations. The episodes are really short. I tend to hit play; and it would end in a blink of an eye. A bit of a criticism for the professor: The audio quality or perhaps the way it is delivered results in a slightly muffled audio that is sometimes difficult to follow and goes by very quickly. It is, after-all, only 2-minute long.

That said, the latest episode caught my attention and had me replaying the episode ten million times. It is about Epictetus’s discourses, Book 3, Chapter XXIV.

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The Price of “FREE” News and Information

Back then, there were chain letters (连环信) and the likes of “Send-a-dime” or “Prosperity Club.”

And in our not too distant past, there were chain emails. Remember those? Some of the examples on BuzzFeed might jog your memory (BuzzFeed, accessed March 29, 2020). Electronic chain letters. Fancy!

But whoa. WHAT HAPPENED? Today, fake news is pervasive. It is e-very-where. Disguised as “news” or “real” information. Twitter. YouTube. FaceBook. WhatsApp. You name it. All of them.

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