Getting to the Dinner Date — Pitching to Investors


I was roaming around the University of Chicago Booth School of Business when I stumbled upon an interesting video playing on the bulletin board. First, it was about pitching! Cool! I’m interested. Secondly, it was a female professor talking about pitching. Excellent, I’m ready to see some diversity. I stayed to watch more. Then, as she talked, it got me really, really excited. So much so that I yelled “yes!” repeatedly at the screen. What she said in the video was so true! You are not (just) asking for money; you are building — and going into — a relationship!

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My Transition from Basic Research to a Career in Technology Transfer

I have always been fascinated by science. It was natural for me to keep pursuing science in school and later genetics at the university level. Even though my parents did not understand my rationale, they continued to be supportive of their only child, while I went further and further with more degrees and my scientific pursuits, seemingly forever, on my way to building a career as a researcher. Then, reality hits. Scarce funding resources and the exclusivity of the ivory tower are becoming more and more apparent. I then searched and found the technology transfer industry, and had to explain to my parents, again, but this time — why I am getting off the path I have built for many years to pursue a new direction.

This is my story: