Predict Seizures — Help Praedico Technologies Pitch at Michigan’s Start Garden 5×5 — VOTE NOW!!

This is serious. Check out my submission on 5×5 hosted by Start Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Only THREE (3) more days left to vote. If I make the cut to pitch, I’ll get a chance to win the $5K prize, which will enable me to build a tool for predicting seizures.

Scientists already figured out how to predict seizures. Let’s put it into practice!

The link to vote:

Thank you so very much! 🙏🏼

On Negotiation: What One Wants

Whether you are negotiating salary or getting your kids to clean their rooms, whatever negotiation you are engaged in, I’m almost sure you know what you want–what you really, really, REALLY want.

But wait. What does the other side want?

Knowing what the other side wants is often the key to unlock a deal. Get unlocking.

Getting to the Dinner Date — Pitching to Investors


I was roaming around the University of Chicago Booth School of Business when I stumbled upon an interesting video playing on the bulletin board. First, it was about pitching! Cool! I’m interested. Secondly, it was a female professor talking about pitching. Excellent, I’m ready to see some diversity. I stayed to watch more. Then, as she talked, it got me really, really excited. So much so that I yelled “yes!” repeatedly at the screen. What she said in the video was so true! You are not (just) asking for money; you are building — and going into — a relationship!

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