Predict Seizures — Help Praedico Technologies Pitch at Michigan’s Start Garden 5×5 — VOTE NOW!!

This is serious. Check out my submission on 5×5 hosted by Start Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Only THREE (3) more days left to vote. If I make the cut to pitch, I’ll get a chance to win the $5K prize, which will enable me to build a tool for predicting seizures.

Scientists already figured out how to predict seizures. Let’s put it into practice!

The link to vote:

Thank you so very much! 🙏🏼

Getting to the Dinner Date — Pitching to Investors


I was roaming around the University of Chicago Booth School of Business when I stumbled upon an interesting video playing on the bulletin board. First, it was about pitching! Cool! I’m interested. Secondly, it was a female professor talking about pitching. Excellent, I’m ready to see some diversity. I stayed to watch more. Then, as she talked, it got me really, really excited. So much so that I yelled “yes!” repeatedly at the screen. What she said in the video was so true! You are not (just) asking for money; you are building — and going into — a relationship!

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